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Systems Thinking in Complex Environments

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Certificate  Overview

The Certificate in Systems Thinking in Complex Environments is part of the Master Certificate in Health Innovation Leadership. Specific emphasis is given to systems thinking in healthcare from a  complexity science perspective. This systems paradigm is operationalized through reflection and dissection of real-world systems and the role of the innovation leader in the assessment and intervention design within complex systems. Participants describe systems using systems concepts and principles, apply chaotic and complex perspectives to different systems, assess system change approaches, and develop a  plan to achieve innovation leadership competency. Systems thinking provides a language and a set of tools for describing and understanding the forces and interrelationships that shape the behaviors of systems.  People who are systems thinkers see problems differently. 

What topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Introduction to System Dynamics
  • Chaos and Complexity in Healthcare
  • Innovation in Chaotic and Complex Systems
  • System Disruption and Adaptive Organizations
  • Innovation Leadership from a Complexity Perspective
  • U.S. Healthcare from a Systems Perspective

Certificate Format 

To earn the certificate you must finish the 7-week self-paced online course. It provides 3-4 hours of content per week. Participants have up to one year from the purchase date to complete this course. It is advised that you complete it within 7 weeks to provide an optimal learning experience.


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To receive your Master Certificate in Health Innovation Leadership, you must register for and complete each of the following four online certificates:

  1. Advanced Innovation Concepts & Principles
  2. Transformational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  3. Future Ready for Disruptive Innovation
  4. Systems Thinking in Complex Environments
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