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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A Deep Dive on AI

On Demand

Module Overview

In this self-paced session, Professor Mark Esposito will introduce you to Artificial Intelligence, helping you to demystify  AI and gain an understanding of the real value of AI for organizations and governments. As you take a deep dive, you will learn to recognize the possibility to integrate AI as part of your strategic outlook as a  critical asset for performance.

What topics will be covered:

  • What is AI?

  • What is the difference between strong AI and weak AI and why it matters?

  • How can AI be integrated into existing value chains?

  • AI versus Intelligent Automation

  • Bias in algorithms. Explicit vs Implicit bias

Module Format 

This module provides approximately 3 hours of content. Participants have up to one year from the purchase date to complete this micro-certificate. It is advised that you complete it within 1-2 weeks to provide an optimal learning experience.


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To earn a certificate you must complete all eight micro-certificates.  At this time one module have been released. 

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