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Funding and Access to Capital

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Designed for professionals who want to launch or advance global enterprises, Thunderbird’s Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Virtual Bootcamp equips you to realize your entrepreneurial dreams or elevate your career as an innovator within a global organization. This module explores Funding and Access to Capital.

Module Overview:

Funding and accessing capital are important for businesses to grow.  Explore different types of, learn how to gain access to, and what challenges are encountered while seeking funding/capital. This is one of sixteen modules.

Course Format:

This is a single module from the Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Virtual Bootcamp. Participants have up to one year from the purchase date to complete this module. This Module is 1-2 hours in length. 


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To receive your Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Virtual Bootcamp, you must register for and complete all 16 modules.

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