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Advanced Innovation Concepts & Principles

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Certificate Overview

The Certificate in Advanced Innovation Concepts & Principles is part of the Master Certificate in Health Innovation Leadership focuses on the principles of innovation that reflect the components and elements, as well as the application of systems and complexity theory, and evidence-based processes directly related to the diffusion of innovation. It emphasizes developing competence in recognizing,  developing, and leading innovation processes.

This certificate will provide you with an overview of theory related to the process of innovation, the various methods of diffusion of innovation, as well as the associated leadership, creativity,  risk-taking, and vulnerability necessary to undertake the design and application of innovations. You will examine the essential elements of the application of innovation, identify the obstacles to innovation, and initiate strategies to overcome obstacles and facilitate success.  

What topics will be covered:

  • Leading Innovation in an Age of Complexity
  • The Organizational Context for Innovation
  • Operationalizing Innovation
  • Framing the Issue
  • Eliciting Creativity
  • Implementing & Sustaining Innovation
  • Innovation & Effective Diffusion

Certificate Format 

To earn the certificate you must finish the 7-week self-paced online course. It provides 3-4 hours of content per week. Participants have up to one year from the purchase date to complete this course. It is advised that you complete it within 7 weeks to provide an optimal learning experience.


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To receive your Master Certificate in Health Innovation Leadership, you must register for and complete each of the following four online certificates:

  1. Advanced Innovation Concepts & Principles
  2. Transformational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  3. Future Ready for Disruptive Innovation
  4. Systems Thinking in Complex Environments
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