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Multinational Financial Management

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Certificate Overview

The Certificate in Multinational Financial Management is part of the Master Certificate in Global Finance focuses on intermediate and advanced global financial practices and methods for developing your analytical skills to make sound financial decisions on a global scale.

What topics will be covered:

  • Overview of Multinational Financial Management
  • Financial Options
  • Forwards, Futures, and Swaps
  • Short-Term Assets and Liabilities Management
  • Currency Exposures
  • Currency Hedging 
  • Country Risks 
  • Overview & Recap of Multinational Financial Management

Certificate Format:

To earn the certificate you must finish the 8-week self-paced online course. It provides 3-4 hours of content per week. Participants have up to one year from the purchase date to complete this course. It is advised that you complete it within 8 weeks to provide an optimal learning experience.


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To receive your Master Certificate in Global Finance, you must register for and complete each of the following two online certificates:
  1. Applied Financial Management
  2. Multinational Financial Management
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